Printable Arabic Keyboard Layout

Writing Arabic in a US-keyboard is quite painful. Especially if you are not used to arabic keyboard layout.

Personally, I dont like to use add-ons, add-ins, nor other installed application to help me write arabic smoothly, I choose to look for a nice printable that I can place it somewhere around my PC.

I browsed the web and I found that wikipedia had a great entry about Keyboard layout, and it also provide great SVGs for each keyboard layout. Various keyboard layouts are available, from Czech to Tibetan.  However, I dont like the sharp boxes look.

Somewhere else, I found that printable from datacal have nicer look with rounded box in each letter. Unfortunately, it is not free.

Well, I asked my self if I dont satisfy with the available one, why dont make my own arabic printable?

So I started to modify SVG files from here and there. No shopisticated modification needed. Just replace the sharp boxes with rounded ones. And I end up with my own desired printable arabic keyboard layout.


So, what is the advantage of this printable? Nothing special! It just look nicer to me. Beside the fact that is free. You can downloaded it and use it for free. You can even edit my SVG to make your own printable. Its absolutely free to use and modify.

Download the PNG format.
Download the SVG format.

If you dont find my post useful, these links may help you understanding arabic writing better:

  1. Basic understanding writing arabic in PC.
  2. Online Arabic keyboard. Just stroke the image, and copy the appearing letters. and
  3. My favorit homeschooling resource also provide guidance to stroking arabic letter.

I hope this printable could help anyone stroking arabic letters better. Happy stroking!

  • hikari

    جزاكم الله خيرا

  • hammou redouane

    thinks you some much ♥

  • Karel

    Link for SVG file is down 🙁

  • Sol

    Well done to think of somehting like that

  • Yulia Fitri

    terimakasih ya..
    izin download.. 🙂