The Controversy of Rifdha

The controversy of Rifdha’s future arose especially among people in modern society. A documentary movie called Koran by Heart is revealing Rifdha live as a 10 years old girl who join a Quran memorizing competition. Despite of her achievement in school, especially in math and science, her father wanted her to be a housewife.

A Little Surprise at Premiere Night

In the premiere night of Koran by Heart launching, there was a surprise to the audience. Hoda Osman reported that Rifdha and her whole family were also there watching the movie. They flew from Maldives to New York to join the crowd at the Tribeca Film Festival 2011. It was their first time also to watch the full length final production of the movie.

Koran by Heart at the Tribeca Film Festival 2011, New York

Rifdha is one of the figure in the movie. She was one of the enchanting figure in the movie. Her story agitated most of the audience. Despite of her achievement in school, Rifdha’s father wanted her to be a housewife. Rifdha herself told her mom that she wanted to be an explorer.

At the end of the play, Rifdha and her parents were welcomed by Greg Barker, the director of the movie, to stand on the stage. The audience were giving them a standing ovation.

It was not quite unexpected that they would be asked about the choice Rifdha’s father made to her. Greg mediated the discussion with an adequate argument: You can’t expect people to live your life.

Why Prejudice Housewife?

Being a housewife is simply perceived as masculine culture by major modern society. It is also considered a gender biased choice.

As a moslem, who believed live after death, I would refer to a key of heaven path for a woman: “Your house is your battlefield” said the Prophet. Therefore, a women does able to change the world to a better place from where she stood everyday: to be a housewife. There are lot of references you can find talking about the importance of housewife role in family-, society-, nation- and world wide-perspective.

Why does most modern society prejudice housewife? Is being a housewife a bad profession in the western society?

Poster film Koran by Heart

The Proposed Idea

Well, I have a nice idea to solve what kind of future Rifdha will have. I think she can have those two expectations together. Both pros and cons sides will be settled in a peaceful and satisfying way. I recommend to open a thinking about Rifdha as a wife of a scientist. Therefore, she can be a good housewife to his husband while exploring ocean at the same time.

If you think it is a ridiculous idea, then I won’t be resentful. The idea truly come from my deepest heart for the best of what Rifdha can have in her life. It is driven by a hadeeth, “You won’t become a perfect believing until you love what other moslems have, as you love it to yourself.”

Hopes and Considerations

Rifdha is one of the modern moslem miracles. I want her to be a best moslem she can be. I love her as she love Quran and its teaching. It is a practice of a principle called wala’ (loyalty). A moslem should love other moslems in the level they being obedience of islamic values.

I hope Rifdha will have her best future as a Quran memorizer (hafizhah).

PS: Indonesian version shall written soon insha Allah 😀

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  • Rodrigo

    I think the problem was not what her father wanted for her as a occupation, but the fact that he wanted to move to Yemen. We all know what kind of place Yemen is right now.

    • Beta Uliansyah

      The movie was made several years ago, when Yemen was quite peaceful.